What does the system consist of?

Windows PC and Web Applications

Click to call application can be installed on one or more computers. You can use the Web Application on any device using a Web browser by entering the link.

No limits

Unlimited number of buttons for making calls, unlimited number of devices on which the software can be used, unlimited number of users.

Segregation of duties

A specific device (user) can monitor all or only certain objects from which calls are made.

waiter call system
system for call waiter
Waiter call notifications

Call notifications by clicking a button

Click To Call system allows real-time call tracking. By clicking the button placed on the object, you immediately get the information that the call was made from that object.

Object settings

You can always create new objects and assign call buttons to them, define the position of a certain object and change their locations.

No internet connection needed

Click To Call system does not require an internet connection to function. Wi-Fi local network is enough.

Smart button to call Flic smart button

Flic 2 smart button

In cooperation with the FLIC company, we provide high-quality smart buttons with which you or your customers will make calls. The button is lightweight, dimensions - height: 8.5 mm and length: 30 mm.


It is IP44 certified. It can also be used in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow ...

Long-lasting battery

The expected battery life is up to 3 years. The battery can be replaced, the replacement procedure is very simple.

Distance is not an obstacle

Thanks to the Flic HUB LR, the button can be in the range of up to 200 meters outdoors and up to 50 meters indoors.

3 types of calls

The button supports call-by-click, double-click and long press.


Flic HUB LR is a FLIC company product. It can be used to communicate between smart buttons and software owned by jumas-solutions. Flic HUB LR weighs less than 50 grams, dimensions - length: 86 mm, width: 66 mm, height: 12.8 mm.

Connection choice

Flic HUB LR supports connection via WI-FI network or LAN cable. The choice is yours.

A large number of connections

One Flic HUB LR supports up to 63 buttons. If you need more, you can use a larger number of Flic HUB LRs.

Power supply

Micro USB power supply with LED status indication.


Communicates with the Flic Mobile App where various settings can be adjusted.


long range

Benefits of usage:

Increased customer satisfaction

Shorter waiting times.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness

Get the information right away (time, device, call location).

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness


Your staff can focus more on other areas of business.

Focus on profession

Inreasing object exclusivity

Nice design of system components, pleasant user experience.

Inreasing object exclusivity

increase profit

Faster service also means better and faster customer circulation and thus more profit.

Increased profit

Easy to use

It is very easy for both the clients and the stuff to use the system.

Easy to use

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Where can you use this system?

restaurant, bar, beach, sun umbrellas

In a beach restaurant renting beach chairs and umbrellas

Our click-to-call system is ideal for restaurants, cafés, bars... By placing smart buttons on tables, your staff will know who made the calls at all times. Your object becomes more exclusive, you get more profit out of your business, it saves time during order collection and bill payment and thus increases cutomer satisfaction.

Wedding and celebration venue

It is necessary to place several call buttons on each of the tables. Staff will only approach once they detect a call. The object exclusivity is increasing, you need fewer employees, customers can enjoy and follow the events without interruption.

celebration hall
Medical institutions hospitals

Medical institutions

By introducing this Click-to-Call system, the patients click the button to send information to staff that they need something. It saves time that the medical staff would waste checking if the patient needs something, timely information is obtained immediately and thus the staff can react immediately.

Best offer

The amount of software and maintenance fees directly depends on the number of devices you need. The price of the device is agreed upon with the Flic company and is fixed no matter how many devices you order. We offer several packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond + ...) that you can choose from according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


the best offer bronze silver gold diamond


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